A Year Of Adventures

A shortish one to begin.

I often describe myself as a frustrated adventurer. I have always loved the great outdoors and have read my fair share of Everest books and adventure literature. Wherever possible I’ll opt for the scenic route, I’ll go the long way, or head out when no one else wants to. I love a challenge and try to seek them out.

I love buying kit!

I own ropes, crampons, stoves, bivvy bags, mountain bikes, surf boards, down jackets, ice axes, whittling knives, fell running shoes, helmets, Kendal Mint Cake etc, etc, etc.

And I love planning a trip.

I have been to every continent in the world bar Antarctica (not yet, anyway!). I’ve hiked the Inca Trail in the Peruvian Andes. I’ve climbed 4000 metre peaks in the Swiss Alps and summited Jebel Toubkal – the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. I’ve dived with Great White’s in South Africa (admittedly, I was protected by a steel cage!). I’ve mountain biked in Thailand and New Zealand and I am slowly ticking off all the British trail centres closer to home!

But I also have a full-time job. I have a mortgage, car repayments, mobile phone bills. I have the most beautiful two daughters imaginable and the most wonderful wife that to her credit puts up with my longing for the outdoors, but understandably prefers it when I’m not away from home. To be completely honest – despite the above list of achievements sounding perfectly adventurous – much like most peoples Instagram accounts, it is not a true reflection of my life. 95% of my time is entirely normal, with a large chunk of that spent dreaming of the adventures I’d love to be having.

So, 2019 is to be a Year of Adventures. A year to pursue the unknown, to endure the path-less-trodden, to experience the harder line, or just sleep outside a little more often! But mainly, this year I intend to seek beauty in living a little differently. The adventures won’t all be that big, and they will take place almost entirely within the British Isles (although I’m hoping on a trip to the Alps in summer). Taking lead from the adventurer Alastair Humphreys, many will be micro-adventures that I can get my family involved in… plus a few mildly larger ones thrown into the mix!

And I plan to document my exploits here. With any luck inspiring like-minded individuals, families, groups of friends, that adventure is always there just waiting for people like us to say yes.

Watch this space.




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